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A destination brand platform

A destination brand reflects a common tourism identity. Unlike commercial brands, which sell products, a destination brand highlights the destination’s distinctive traits using a single voice.

QuébecOriginal: The basics

A man riding a dog sled Région de Québec © F. Gagnon

Brand platform

The QuébecOriginal brand platform was rolled out following consultations with various stakeholders in the tourism industry.

It is already a reflection of our common identity as a tourist destination.

The brand platform is our DNA.
It’s what connects future travellers to one-of-a-kind Québec attractions, businesses and tourism experiences to discover.

Being the destination brand means being aware of this collective DNA and giving our all to let travellers experience it.

Two men dive into a lake Abitibi-Témiscamingue © TQ/G. Leroyer

The creative platform: Let go

The brand’s characteristics are presented to the traveller through a creative platform.

It presents the way in which the brand speaks to travellers.

It reveals its more emotional side.

It therefore reflects travellers’ aspirations and Québec’s distinctiveness as a destination, as well as the trends and customs that govern the global tourism industry.

The creative platform is a story that we tell travellers over the long term.

Two men on a suspension bridge Abitibi-Témiscamingue © TQ/G. Leroyer

Campaign concept

The goal? Tell an interesting story ever more effectively. To avoid repetition, we’re looking for themes and occasions that will consistently surprise.
Discover our 2018–2019 campaign, “Let Go

Ice rink in Quebec Montréal © J-F. Hamelin

Québec’s experiences

Our promotion and marketing initiatives centre around 14 experiences. This is where the story takes form—when travellers experience Québec for themselves in a way that fulfills their interests and desires.

These experiences are the connection to Québec’s tourism offering.


Much more than a logo

The QuébecOriginal brand platform is much more than a simple logo or promotional campaign.

As a destination brand, it must allow us to reach and attract potential travellers. It must also be consistent with the reality of Québec’s tourism DNA. It is a promise that must be delivered to travellers on the ground.

To do so, it comprises several aspects:

  • A promise and a creative platform
  • Our values
  • The destination’s collective identity and DNA
  • The destination’s pillars14 Québec experiences
  • The offering of products, activities, and attractions

The distinctive visual identity, and promotion and marketing tools

Things to remember


The brand platform

Assert our distinctive identity


The creative platform

Convey the brand and reflect Québec


More than a logo

Attract the traveller and deliver on a promise

Want to learn more about the brand?

Keep reading to learn more about QuébecOriginal, or discover all our content.

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A promise to the traveller

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Be the promise, be the brand