A strategy that focuses on the traveller

The promotion of the destination is led by a marketing strategy that aims to win the traveller over. How? By accompanying them on their journey from beginning to end, identifying their profile and boosting their engagement in a consistent manner.

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Position the traveller at the centre of everything we do to win them over more easily.

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Main principles

Implement the strategy

Walk the traveller throughout their journey.

Target travellers according to their interests.

Maintain a strong brand presence.

Entice and inspire the traveller

Ensure brand consistency across all activities.

Always there

Walk the traveller throughout their journey.

As we place the traveller at the heart of this strategy, we must be present at each stage of their trip to convey our brand message and ensure that there is continuity between the invitation, the experience and the share upon their return.

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Maximizing our impact

Target travellers according to their interests

To capture the attention of travellers and help industry stakeholders meet their needs, various profiles were identified by Destination Canada to better understand their tastes, motivation and vision of the ideal trip. We selected four profiles that best represent the travellers who visit Québec.

  • Free Spirits
  • Authentic Experiencers
  • Cultural Explorers
  • Gentle Explorers

Brand platform

Maintain a strong brand presence

The brand is a reflection of the collective tourist identity, and the chosen platform illustrates its deeply held values. Beyond major ad hoc offensives, the platform must be embodied in all target markets throughout the year to provide continuous value. It could therefore help the future traveller connect with local companies and attractions, as well as tourist experiences that set Québec apart.

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Attractive content

Entice and inspire the traveller

Efforts to win the traveller over continue throughout the process, as we suggest content they find compelling and that gets them dreaming. Since most of the decisions made are driven by emotion, we can’t be satisfied with converting the traveller. To attract them, we must first captivate them.

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Ensure brand consistency across all activities

Communications to which the traveller will be exposed to must be integrated across all brand channels from the very beginning—as soon as they start dreaming about a trip to Québec. Focusing on the same messages will allow us to optimize our efforts and resources, which will be beneficial to stakeholders throughout the industry.


In a nutshell

Following these principles will ensure consistency between the experience dreamed, enjoyed and shared.

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