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Québec is a unique place defined by its connection to the land, culture that creates and warm welcome. The QuébecOriginal brand represents Québec as a tourist destination and promotes it to travellers in a consistent manner across all touchpoints. The content of this site is therefore dedicated to the tourism industry.

Photo Île aux Lièvres, Bas-Saint-Laurent © TQ/G. Leroyer


From a dream experience to shared experience

Photo Île aux Lièvres, Bas-Saint-Laurent © TQ/G. Leroyer

A strategy was developed to encourage travellers to visit Québec. Supported by a clear vision that aims to meet all the objectives of the tourist destination, it guides marketing initiatives. The QuébecOriginal brand, which the strategy showcases, allows us to harmonize our communications aimed at tourists.

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Understanding the brand to embody the brand

QuébecOriginal is a strong brand built around the destination’s underlying principles. When you understand it, you’ll have the tools needed to showcase what Québec has to offer in a unified voice.

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Some of Québec’s entrepreneurs have adopted best practices to spread the word about the incomparable on-brand experiences the destination has to offer. Together, they help provide the traveller with lasting memories.

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